Canon once ask in their commercial “what defines you?”. Clearly is there something that could define a person or are they just merely describing them by the way they look, act and move; their norms, morals, etiquette and beliefs? Maybe to describe someone is to open up a page in the human dictionary on the hope of describing a person.

     Describing myself might be the first step to know how to define myself.  I was born in a Public hospital with an average family, I’m not that tall at all, only 5’2″ and I’m not that obese. At the age of Twenty I acquired my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration Major in Management at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (yes a true “Scholar ng Bayan” and I’m PROUD of it), and with that I was indirectly exposed to journalism, arts and other things that made me decide to someday buy my own DSLR or even a small DigiCam to capture the world as it changes, yes! I wanted to be a photographer. But then it changes, having a DSLR doesn’t automatically qualifies you to be a photographer. Ms. Arriane Serafico an Ambassador of Canon once wrote:

“I am not a photographer – but rather, a visual storyteller. The ones I consider my best photos are not the ones that have the best focus, composition, or lighting – but rather, the images that make me immediately remember the story I was living and the emotion I was feeling, down to the very moment I captured it.”

     This what fuels my thoughts of becoming recognize on this art and show the world its changes. So even with Ms. Serafico’s phrase alone this how I define myself:

      Yes I’m not a photographer not even a visual storyteller, I am an Artist representing a form of art. With my photos, I want to show the world its details, beauties and wonders like a painter and like a poet , sing and tell the tales of every adventures I had. This is how I define myself, my addiction to life and its beauty… This is me!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lmjdp


     All pictures and other contents is a copyright of Mark John Dañas unless stated otherwise. Please do not steal anything. Ask permission first and credit properly if you wish to use any of my shots.



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