Art Gallery – Pinto Art Museum

     For those who love art and dining in a place full of art. this is the place for you. Pinto Art Museum located in a village in Antipolo. This is the first time I’ve been here, so for those who’ve been here, please forgive me for over exaggerating something.

     Took us about more than two hours to get here. By jeep ride going to Antipolo, then riding a tricycle to the museum. Well when you get here just be prepared for the rules and regulations of the museum, be sure to bring an extra shirt, water and a few more extra money.

     For fares and entrance would cost you around Php 274.00. A Php 24.00 jeepride from Santolan LRT station, Php 50.00 Tricycle fare going to the museum and a Php 200.00 entrance fee. You will be given a map of the vicinity and don’t forget to bring your camera and enjoy yourselves.

     Here are few images from its six (6) Galleries and below would be a shot of the vicinity. Sorry not much to say here, but I promise you that if you love art, food and doesn’t mind to walk around a mid day,  not to hot but not cold Day.


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