We Go To Daet!!!!

     Now we travel a little further by a good old bus ride. We travel to Bicolandia! We travel to Daet, Camarines Norte!

     Just traveling with some of my friends to visit a dear old mentor. She opened my eyes on social works and cultural preservation into which my photography – most of the time! – focuses, the preservation of both tangible and intangible heritage.

     So we book a ticket a few days prior and left the city on a Friday night at around 10 p.m., an estimate of eight hours, I think its eight and a half of sitting in a reclining chair only standing up if their is a pit stop on the way and most of the time asleep ~ heck! don’t give a damn if my friends took photos of me sleeping with my mouth open. Arriving at Daet around 6:30 in the morning – a very long ride

     Another tricycle ride going to our destination and time to rest from the grueling time sitting on the bus. Now its time to stretch those aching legs and start walking round.


First up is to give thanks for arriving safely at our destination – I forgot the name of the church, sorry about that. But praises and prayers are offered here for our safe journey.

     Now, a jeep ride to walk around the province and we did see a river where children bathed and elders washed their laundry without soap. So happy to see how they preserved the cleanliness of the river.

      Hitting back the town to where we are staying and rest the whole day and meet people mostly my mentors relative to talk around and share something. Not much photos to see since I still feel the heaviness of my feet from the long ride.

Day 2: Feels like this is the real start of my vacation. We head out on Bagasbas, Beach and well its time to relax.

Guess everywhere there is just a tricycle away. From our town to the beach is a  tricycle ride. After hitting the waves time for some social works. And so happy to see a community who is very self sufficient.

And since its Sunday a mass might be a good way to end the day.

     Day 3 is the good bye. Time to head back to the city for tomorrow is another boring day at work. another grueling bus ride and back to the city again.

      Please if your planning to travel for an 8 hour ride, bring some drinks, food and any source of entertainment and be sure to cover your moth when asleep. You’ll never know when a snapshot will take and catch you unprepared.



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