Photo Log : Boracay!

   Its been a very very long time since my last post – months of beating the deadlines on my work, life on the bottom of the pit. I’m in a disaster. Thanks the heavens I got out of it all and now I’m heading out to my roots. Heading out to rekindle my art, my passion – my life. I missed writing, travelling and taking pictures and letting the world see the beauty of its home.

     As a gift for my self… I booked a ticket going to Boracay! hey, its the first time I would ride a plane. Honestly all of my travels are either by bus or by a car. I think it was an hour or two landing to my destination and a heck of a commute and a ferry ride to Boracay.

     Thanks the heavens for the calm sea – A bit hot, salty and windy at the same time. But the view and experience never fail. I never had that much picture since my body’s vacation mode system just kicked-in and I can’t stop enjoying myself. The beach, the weather, the people, everything. I enjoyed everything even though most of it can be seen in he city.

Well of course, I won’t let Boracay’s sunset missed my lens.

Like I said I only got a few shots, but I’ve enjoyed myself too much. Just make sure to bring something extra travelling here. And never take anything but pictures.


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