Photo Log: A Trip To Quezon


     Its been a while since my last post. After a mere near death experience, I’ve been on the sidelines afraid and confused of what had happened. Still I’ve got a shot of a second chance and might as well start it with an update on my blog.

     Another Quezon Province trip a month ago and guess I didn’t manage to write something about this trip or it might have slip into my mind. But well this are the things I have seen:

     Well This is our first day, if memory serves me right, leaving from Manila around 5am and arriving at Quezon Province around 7am. We do have a personal service vehicle so travel is not a problem.

     Well, in honor of what most of us called the tree life. A festival was held about the province’s main produce Coconuts and well other farm produce such us fruits, vegetables and even sweet honey from their hives.

     We were only staying in Quezon for 2 days and a night, so before we left the province a quick tour around different cities. I’ve played around with my macro lens taking shots of dragonfly and a very friendly kitten. Not that much shot since I’ve been busy doing other stuff and well joking around since its such a long time since I have last visited this lovely Province.

     Promise you guys that once I am ok, I will be giving you shots of other beautiful places here in the Philippines.



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