Sunday Walk : Province of Bulacan


     Finally, I got a chance to leave my work and get out of my urban surroundings and head on to a more greener one. Months after my last entry, I would like to welcome you all to the Angat, Bulacan.

     Angat, Bulacan – An hour or two drive from Quezon City with a private car of course passing thru the express way and you’ll end up at this partially urbanized municipality, and since it is a Sunday, our first stop would be the Church.

     After a few minutes with the walking around, giving a short praise and prayer and of course taking a few shots we had to leave the place and move to an old house a few blocks from the church.

     This house is full of stuff back from the days, wines and spirits even. We did stop by here to have breakfast and snacks then off to our nature trip.

Leaving the urbanized part of the city, we headed to the forest part of our adventure. Walking along the trail of the Angat Forest, capturing most wonderful feeling to, killing nothing but our time to take in the fresh air and cleanse what our body have on the Big Cities.

Finishing up our expedition to what I can say a partially remote part of the province. Up in the arms of the Dumagat, an indigenous  tribe living in a land. A lunch of fresh fish and Chicken Tinola to satisfy our hunger and re-energize us and we sail off back to the big city, back to the urban surroundings.

If you may in any chance wanted to join a next tour of the place, you may send an email or a comment below and I can ask my friends who planned for the whole thing. Though somehow self sufficient, the Dumagats do need things for their education, even a simple pencil and paper would do and oh buying a book from them that is about them wouldn’t hurt  a bit.


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