Lenten 2016 : Black & White Edition


     I know I’ve been putting up photos of the same churches and places for my Lenten post year after year. Well its our family’s vow as a “Visita Iglecia” or Seven Churches Visitation, though we may not follow the real tradition it is still our vow. This time, I’ve decided to take it Black and White just to fit on the occasion.

     Since its hard to bring the family outside Manila for a few days away due to reasons that we do have pets to take care of and most Inns and Hotels doesn’t allow them and so much more reasons that wont allow us to travel, we’ve searched Manila for churches and places to visit.

     We start of well out of Manila, the Mount Carmel Church at Broadway, Quezon City. Not much photos in here since the church is currently under renovation. So then we head to our next destination.

     Next on our list is the Sto. Domingo Church. I know I also took less than usual photos, try to keep it in phase since it 7:00 AM and we do still have a long way to go and must be done right before the hot summer sun gets the better of us.

     A jeep ride from Sto. Domingo to España, a little long walk to Sampaloc, Manila and you’ll come up to a twin church. Our Lady of Loreto Parish and Saint Anthony Shrine. Both this church are a few steps away from each other.

     A few more walks from Legarda, Manila to Mendiola, right near the famous Universities like Centro Escolar and San Beda is our next church, The Abbey of Our Lady of Monserrat. This once well one is big but I’m really having time crisis. A quick prayer in this Church and of to Malacañang.

     Well not inside Malacañang exactly, but a the National Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus – The Forgotten Saint. My mom’s a devotee of his saint and this church so this wont be forgotten on this list.

     Next stop, Saint Michael Church. Not much photo here just a quick prayer and were off. but its a must see church. I can assure you that. oh, if you happen to walk  on back going to our next church you might past the must eco-friendly apartment in the street. it’s the third photo, but since its monochrome, you might not appreciate it that much.

     San Sebastian Church, one of the most famous and probably a go to place for photographers and travelers. a wonderful church and it do looks like that you’re not in Manila.

     The next one would be the Shrine of the Holy Face of Jesus, I know this church for a few years now but we just recently added this on this list. Again I only took a few shots since I have to secure my gear againts this ocean of people. Never had a chance to take a photo of the famous Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene.

     Well this is getting to long so I’m summarizing the last four churches to one since all of them have only a few photos. The  Santa Cruz ChurchSto. Niño de Tondo in Tondo, the Manila Cathedral, and the San Agustin Church both inside Intramuros and well we’re done.

     We do managed to end the walk at around 2:30 PM and managed to have lunch at 3 Pm when we got home. But its all worth it, worth all the sore feet we had and aching muscles we have.

     Just a tip if your doing what we done, bring at least two extra shirt and lots of water or energy drink or anything to hydrate your body, and oh lots of extra money since whatever water you’ll be bringing wont be enough and well you might find an eat or two along the way.


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